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The 39 Clues Fanfic Wiki is where you can write your VERY OWN fanfictions about the bestselling 39 Clues and Cahills vs. Vespers series! You can start your own roleplays, write your own blogs and share with other 39 Clues Fanfiction writers! It all begins here:


October 13, THE WIKI IS CREATED! New feature: CROSSOVERS.

A Guide to Fanfic Terms

  • Lemon: a fanfic that has "it". Or shall we say beds.
  • Drabble: a very short oneshot, usually around 200 words.
  • Oneshot: a fanfic captured in, well, one shot.
  • AU: a fanfic set in an alternate universe.
  • Beta: someone else, like an editor, who goes over your fic.
  • Fluff: a fic where there's no angst or "real" plot. Usually short and sweet.
  • Flame: a harsh review, usually sounding like "My eyes burn! Delete this."


  • K--suitable for most ages, contains no inappropriate or explicit content!
  • T--suitable for older ages, contains violence, minor explicit content!
  • M--suitable for mature and older ages, contains violence, explicit and inappropriate content!
    • NOTE: If you story is rated K but has VERY minor coarse content, please use the template Explicit at the beginning of your fic!

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